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In 2013, best friends Jade and X.D. began their podcasting journey on the now defunked hit podcast, 2 Guys And A Girl. In 2016, Jade and X. D.decided to continue on sharing their hilarious social and political commentary weekly on their new show Jade + XD.

Jade is a chef and custom cocktail curator from New York City by way of Houston, TX. Jade is a purveyor all things Black and Beautiful. When she is not catering to high profile clients across the tri-state area, she is a fulltime wife and mother to one of the coolest kids on the planet. Jade provides witty, and trill commentary to the Jade + XD podcast and a custom cocktail every week for listeners to enjoy at their leisure.

X.D. is a blogger, social commentator, and digital content creator from New York by way of San Francisco Bay. With XavierDLeau.com and his podcast, Jade + XD, his voice has been able to reach a broad and diverse audience who engage daily in the conversation. In addition to these outlets, XD has been featured on TheRoot.com, TheGrio.com and panels such as the infamous BasseyWorldLive founded by Def Poet, Bassey Ikpi.
Not being limited to solely providing commentary on social issues, Xavier D'Leau was also featured TED speaker at the 2015 Push to Start Conference at Penn State University.