Jade Verette is a chef and custom cocktail curator living in Brooklyn, New York, When she is not catering to high profile clients across the Tri-state area and providing witty and trill commentary to the Jade+XD podcast, she is a full-time wife and mother.



In 2013, best friends Jade and X.D. began their podcasting journey on the now defunked hit podcast, 2 Guys And A Girl. In 2016, Jade and X. D.decided to continue on sharing their hilarious social and political commentary weekly on their new show Jade + XD.

Xavier D’Leau

@Xavier D’Leau

X.D. is a blogger, social commentator, and digital content creator from New York by way of San Francisco Bay. With XavierDLeau.com and his podcast, Jade + XD, his voice has been able to reach a broad and diverse audience who engage daily in the conversation.